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Welcome to Peace Corps Armenia! Located in the Southern Caucasus Armenia is situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, where West meets East. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, it is a country in transition with an ancient history, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture. Though a small country, Armenians are very proud people and are well known for their hospitality. The United States and Armenia enjoy a friendly relationship.

Volunteers have been working side-by-side with partners since 1992 in a variety of development areas. More than 850 volunteers have served in Armenia. Currently volunteers work in the areas of TEFL Education and Community Youth Development. Learning from each other, local Armenians and Peace Corps Volunteers work closely to address the needs of the community.

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  • Capital City – Yerevan
  • Largest City – Yerevan
  • Other big cities – Gyumri, Vanadzor
  • Official Language(s) – Armenian (Eastern)
  • Area (KM2) – 29,800 sq. km. (11,500 sq. mi.)
  • Population –3,235,000 (Armenia National Statistical Service, October 1, 2008 est.).
  • GDP –$11.93 billion.
  • Currency – Dram also refered as AMD
  • Measurement units – Metric, grams
  • Electricity – 220 V